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Laura Drewry

Romance Author

27 February
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After seven years of living in Canada’s frigid arctic, Laura is happy to be back living in the *warm* rain of Beautiful British Columbia. With three young boys and one not-so-young boy in the house, life is never boring, and she’s always learning something new about bodily functions and the odd noises they can make when pressured to do so.
She’d love to say she is terribly creative and keeps a list of hobbies and activities on the go for her leisure time, but frankly, that would be a big fat lie. Her leisure time is pretty much limited to the wait at the Tim Horton’s drive through on the way to soccer, curling, piano, swimming, baseball and taekwondo.
Laura has two western historical romances published with Zebra Historical Romances. The first, HERE COMES THE BRIDE, was a May 2005 release, and the most recent, CHARMING JO, was released in September, 2006.
2008 will put two more books on the shelf through Dorchester Publishing. The first, THE DEVIL’S DAUGHTER, will be released in April, and the sequel (yet to be titled) is scheduled for the fall.