laura_drewry (laura_drewry) wrote,

This is what The Chief looks like from the bottom:

If you use your imagination, it looks like an Indian Chief lying/laying on his back. The first bump on the right is his head, the middle bump is his belly and the left bump is his legs/feet. I don't rock climb, but I'm told it's one of the premiere places to climb in North America.

And here's the view looking down from the nose of The Chief:

The boys and I hiked up it today and now I remember why it's been 25 years since I've hiked that thing! Holy crap, Frank!! I'm told the trail is "only" 4 km (approx 2.5 miles) but it's almost straight up. I can't whine too much because our 7-year old managed it without too much trouble. . . and now they want to hike to the belly and then the feet! God help me.

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